“I worked with Moreen a few years ago in residential treatment for an eating disorder.  My interactions with her were memorable and I cherished any time I was able to work with and learn from her.  More recently, I started following her on Instagram and eventually reached out to work with her.

I have worked with 4-5 different therapists in the past and had a range of experiences from feeling unseen and distrustful to anxiously attached and abandoned.  I was actively passive, committed and willing to do the work, but reluctant to be completely vulnerable, trusting and to make any meaningful changes. Also, I was easily caught in a cycle of shame with my therapists either because I was too attached or because I didn’t know how to change my behavior.  This shame cycle kept me from the peace and healing I so desperately wanted.


Moreen was compassionate, reassuring  and listened very carefully. She could hear what I wasn’t saying and  see in me what I couldn’t see in myself.  I remember her telling me that I was in the right place and she would take care of me.  No one had ever made me feel so safe, held and seen.  I knew my work with her would be life-changing. 


I am definitely a work in progress, but I have changed in the sense that I have developed compassion for myself.  In the past, self love meant self-preservation, survival and fitting in.  Now, self-love means embracing all parts of myself, withholding judgement and shame and surrendering to healing, transformation and love. I am learning how to be there for myself- to hold the parts of me that feel very young and need compassion.  As I begin to heal, I am reclaiming my power, my voice and the ability to choose the life I want and deserve for myself.

I would recommend Dr. Moreen Rubin to other patients for many reasons. I think she has the unique ability of making meaningful connections with people quickly.  She is calm, genuinely caring and sees the best in people.  Dr. Moreen exudes a warmth that is like no other; I always feel seen and understood by her.  She provokes thought and self-reflection and helps me come to my own answers, which helps me build trust in myself.

I always thought that something big would happen in therapy and I would suddenly change.  With Dr. Mo, instead of some big, visible change, I have experienced small and subtle shifts internally that I don’t even know are happening.  By surrendering myself and trusting her, I am now on a wonderful journey home to ME.  It’s not always easy, actually it’s difficult and painful at times, but I know she is here with me every step of the way. Her guidance has given me courage beyond what I thought was possible.” 



“I found Dr. Moreen Rubin by doing Research on Google. I wanted help for myself and my daughter. When I first met Dr. Moreen, I felt the warmth in her and at the same time, it was obvious that she knew exactly what would help me and my daughter to improve our relationship and specifically help my daughter come out of childhood trauma and many other challenges.

Therapy with Dr. Moreen has helped me validate my daughter’s emotions (she has helped me realize the importance of validation) and has helped her regulate her emotions to a great extent.

I would  highly recommend Dr.Moreen to anyone who can benefit from Therapy and Counseling because she uses a variety of methods to  help solve the problem instead of limiting to one or two methods.

Therapy with Dr. Moreen has definitely been a blessing and I am thankful for her accessibility and Compassion and also due to the fact that at the end of every session,I feel she has made a positive impact in improvement of thought process and Regulation of Emotions.” 



“I met Moreen when I went to eating disorder treatment at Alsana where Moreen was the Senior Director of Clinical Services.  I started therapy several months before meeting Dr. Moreen Rubin. My experience with my therapists beforehand were all positive, supportive, and secure.  It was refreshing to experience and witness Dr. Moreen’s character and approach–she is grounded, down-to-earth, warm, extremely honest, and a fantastic listener/validator. She knows how to read the energy in the room and somehow offer exactly what is needed in the moment–whether it’s mindful breathing, processing, psycho-education, validation, etc. Thus, I felt safe, seen, and heard in her presence at all times.  A significant experience in my daily life is waking up stressed, tense, and unhappy. She was the first therapist to notice and address the fact that I start my days in this manner. To this day, I use the loving words she offered as a mantra in my mind when I wake up to put in the work of starting my days in a more positive and loving mindset. I am also reminded of the kindness she offered me during difficult times, and I work hard to provide myself with this level of compassion on a daily basis. 

I was fortunate to receive the genuine level of care and compassion Dr. Moreen provided myself and others. She helped make the atmosphere comfortable and safe in order to create a communicative environment, and she showed up for her patients with 100% of her energy, focus, and zeal every day that we met with her. I know that future patients will benefit and improve from the wisdom and attentiveness that Dr. Moreen has to offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of honesty and frankness Dr. Moreen presented to her patients from the first session. She made therapy enjoyable when appropriate and earnest at all times. She has a level of confidence in her knowledge and experience with therapy that absolutely translates to the effectiveness of her therapeutic skills.”



“I met Mo when she worked as the Clinical Director at Alsana Eating Disorder Treatment Center. I have been in therapy before but nothing stuck. I never felt like I connected with a therapist before I met Mo. Therapy works because of open communication, and Mo provides the necessary reassurance and comfort which allows this. I have never experienced so many “ah-hah” moments before meeting Mo. She is the best of the best.  When I first met Mo I immediately felt like she knew what she was doing. Her confidence in her knowledge and experience shines. She makes therapy feel like a safe place to explore your hardest struggles. My life has changed exponentially, for the better. I feel more in tune with myself than ever before. I am recognizing my needs. I feel comfortable talking about anything and everything with Mo. My sessions with her always leave me feeling enlightened and appreciative. She truly knows what she is doing. She genuinely cares about her patients. Mo has easily become one of the most important people in my life.

She is incredibly wise. She opens my eyes to ways of thinking that I never knew existed. She pieces parts of my life together like a puzzle. She remembers the smallest details about her patients, which is a testament to how invested she is in us. Mo is also compassionate. Sessions with her feel comfortable, warm, and safe. She never judges her patients. I really do feel like I can trust her with my life.   I am surprised by how much I have changed and grown as a person because of my time with Mo. She has allowed me to tap into my emotional side. I have started daily journaling, mindfulness, and intention practices. I have a better relationship with myself and others because of my time with Mo.
goes above and beyond and I am forever grateful!”



“I didn’t have too much therapy experience prior to Dr. Rubin.  The last therapist I saw lasted one session, and he seemed nervous and out of his depth, and was unable to address the issue I had.  In our first session, she seemed gentle and compassionate and genuinely interested in my troubles.


Because of my sessions, I was able to make difficult decisions regarding my relationship, and I now feel more comfortable expressing my needs.  She’s a great listener and skilled at giving you gentle nudges in the right direction while letting you move at your own pace. Not to mention, I was very surprised with  how easy it is to do virtual therapy through video chat!”



“My mother found Mo online and introduced me to her when I was visiting home in Calabasas. I had seen 12 psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists before I came across Mo. They all had knowledge, but I was not satisfied with the method they used to put forward the information to me.

I remember I did not want to see Mo during my first appointment because I was so disheartened from my previous therapy experiences. I walked in reluctantly because my mother forced me to, as every young adult’s parent would, but it all changed the moment she spoke to me. The main qualities that I felt set her aside from old previous therapists was that she was empathetic, unbiased and made sense without using too many difficult technical terms. Mo has impacted all aspects of my life greatly. As stubborn as I was to not see a therapist after many failed visits to several others, I believe from the bottom of my heart that whether you face issues in your marital life, professional life, with your parents or children, give Mo a try. Although I lived in denial, all of us have baggage from our past that we may not even be aware of. After Mo explained and gave names to the feelings I feel, it made me feel less ‘insane’ and more compassionate to myself, a feeling that was foreign to me. Seeing me go to Mo and the transformation it has brought to my life, my mother now sees Mo as well to help build a conducive environment for me to grow in. Nobody loses anything and there is nothing wrong in seeking professional help. We get help from consultants for our businesses all the time; no harm in visiting Mo a couple times a week.”



“I met Dr. Rubin through a professional contact.
I had never been to therapy before.

Her warmth, rapport, flexibility and therapy style stood out to me right away.
Since starting therapy,  I feel more together. I have started to appreciate my uniqueness as strengths and feel more confident in talking about my vulnerability. I have also witnessed an increase in my self-esteem and assertiveness.  Dr. Rubin is warm and compassionate. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and help the client approach a problem with a different perspective. She also uses incredible metaphors and other visual tools to enhance the client’s understanding. I would recommend and do recommend her to everyone I know. 


I was surprised that therapy allows me to have more flexibility and openness to take a different perspective.” 


” I was recommended to see Dr, Rubin. It was the best decision that I’ve ever made. Dr. Rubin was my very first experience with a therapist. As uncomfortable and scared I was, she made me feel safe. It was like sitting with a friend. Dr. Rubin made the entire session so comfortable, It was like having a  cup of coffee with a friend and catching up. Dr. Rubin saved my life! One of the best things she did for me in therapy was to give me hope when I didn’t have any. My hope for the future was gone until I met Dr. Rubin.

Dr. Rubin is a kind and caring therapist. From the very first day that I met Dr. Rubin, I could tell that I wasn’t just another patient. She cared about me from the very first time she said hi.
The thing that surprised me most about Dr. Rubin, was how comfortable she made me feel and how easy  she made it to talk to her and share things about my life that I’ve never shared before.
I personally think that she is an amazing person and therapist. I can’t imagine ever going to someone else.”