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Why did I become a clinical therapist?

I’m A Healer
I am a clinical therapist because I can easily see what makes a person sitting in front of me special and unique. Ever since I was a child, those in my presence would reflect to me that they felt seen, heard and understood in a deep and meaningful way. I’ve come to believe that compassion, empathy, and living life with purpose can free you from any self- limiting thoughts, beliefs and doubts. Through good therapy, I’ve healed myself and learned about the power of self- love and trust.
How we met

My career allows me
to do what I love

support my clients in reaching their greatest potential

Working with individuals, children, families, parents and adults and hearing them share they “never thought it was possible to feel so great” inspires me. I’ve been lucky to have heard that a lot since starting my career.

 My mission is to support you in facing your fears, insecurities, self-doubt, shame and judgement so that you can be who you truly are.

Clinical Experience

I Listen, You Shine.

Dr. Moreen Rubin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a Doctorate in Psychology. She is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to supervise and train other therapists. She regularly holds workshops mental health providers to teach them about the latest research in psychology and helping patients see results.  As an Eating Disorder and Trauma specialist, she works effectively with clients on resolving any issues with food, body image, OCD, addiction, anxiety, anger and depression. She has extensive experience in using proven techniques that help with children and adults to better manage their manage stress levels and make better decisions for the long-term.

How we met

Clinical Director

a trusted name amongst general therapy providers

She served as the Clinical Director for Monte Nido Treatment Centers in Malibu, CA and opened several treatment centers for Alsana Treatment Center in Westlake Village, CA. Her specialization and experience with treating eating disorders and other complex co-occuring issues, in both inpatient and outpatient levels of care, makes her a trusted name amongst general therapy providers. She has conducted trainings for therapists, nurses and doctors who work at hospitals, other treatment centers, insurance companies to better understand complex psychological issues, eating disorders and complicated trauma.

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Dr. Rubin is considered an “out of network provider”.  However, contact Dr. Mo’s Office and the office will verify your out of network benefits with your current insurance plan and depending on your coverage, you might be covered for your sessions. Sessions could be covered up to 90% depending on your insurance plan and deductible. Please contact us today for information about going through your out of network deductible.