Why did I become a clinical therapist?

About Dr. Moreen Rubin

I am a clinical therapist because I can easily see what makes a person sitting in front of me special and unique. Ever since I was a child, those in my presence would reflect to me that they felt seen, heard and understood in a deep and meaningful way.  I’ve come to believe that compassion, empathy, and living life with purpose can free you from any self- limiting thoughts, beliefs and doubts. Through good therapy, I’ve healed myself and learned about the power of self- love and trust.

My career allows me to do what I love; support my clients in reaching their greatest potential.

~ Dr. Moreen Rubin

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Dr. Mo is considered an “out of network provider”.  However, contact Dr. Mo’s Office and the office will verify your out of network benefits with your current insurance plan and depending on your coverage, you might be covered for your sessions. Sessions could be covered up to 90% depending on your insurance plan and deductible. Please contact us today for information about going through your out of network deductible.